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Latest on the writing front!


My short play Traces made its premiere at Not a Pipeline Problem part of Ladyfest at The Tank.

The play follow to young women as they visit a mystical shack in the woods that is believed to grant wishes. The meet the caretaker of the shack and discuss validity of the shack and if one of the women should wish to save her own life.

Not a Pipeline Problem_Final.jpg

Heading Across the Pond

My first ever solo one-act, Good People are Alway so Sure They’re Right, will be a part of the new writing festival Famous Last Words by Fake Escape ant 20:20 Vision at the Bath Fringe.

Directed by Illana Stein. Featuring Niki Hatzidis, Chandler Gregoire, and Constance Cooper.


The Gopher is Back!

The Gopher Method was performed to a sold out house for Just the Two of Us Festival at The Tank in NYC.


Returning to Love Drunk

Got to work with the lovely people at Love Drunk by Reign or Shine Productions again! I got to show off two new short plays, Lucinda and Ice Cream, DNA and Stuff.



I made it to the final round of Pilots, the playwright competition that featured first generation American playwright.


The C Word Goes to the West Coast

My play The C Word is part of 2019’s Pick of the Vine by Little Fish Theatre.


Latest OnStage Blog Article: Ten Things I Wish My Non-Artist Friends Knew


CommonWealth: A Play Set in Massachusetts

A new play written by me and my writing partner Anastasia Rutkowski had its first public staged reading on September 30th 2018. We couldn't have been happier with how it went!

Two young women in dire circumstances hatch a plan to propel themselves into a better life, but their decisions set in motion consequences they could never have foreseen. Set on the backdrop of the opioid epidemic, a story about trying to escape your environment when the system is stacked against you. 


How to Own Your Time: Self-Care for Artistic Types

My latest article in OnStage Blog about the challenges of practicing self-care with a hectic, artist schedule, and tips on how you can take care of yourself on a budget.

The C Word Premieres

My short play The C Word will make its premiere in NYC as part of Vulcan Theatre Company's Forge Night - An Evening of New One Act Plays.

I wrote The C Word shortly after a health scare in February 2018. The C Word follows Darcy shortly after she sees a spot on a mammogram. She contemplates how her life will change with a cancer diagnosis to a stranger she meets in a park, Ben. Darcy jumps to some extremely rash notions and impulsive changes to her life all while Ben tries to comfort her.

Tickets available below!


The C Word

My short play The C Word will be performed at the Access Theater as part Vulcan Theatre Company's Forge Night of One Acts on July 31st at 7:30pm. Tickets available

Darcy has gotten a medical scan and fears the worst. She bumps into a stranger in a park, Ben, who unsuccessfully tries to quell her fears. Darcy drags Ben into an adventure fueled by a need to change her boring life into a life filled with risk taking.



Creating Art in a World on Fire

Published in On Stage Blog June 2018.

An article about the importance of art in a time where the world seems to be rupturing and it feels like it might not be enough.

Pave Your Own Path OnStage Blog Article

I'm a new featured writer in OnStage Blog about actors creating their own performance and artistic opportunities, drawing on my own journey of writing my own stories and characters.


Plays an Pizza

My short play Breakups and Cronuts will be part of the Plays and Pizza reading series. 

Two lovers run into each other at a busy NYC cafe. They are breaking up over the phone from across the room while passing a cronut back and forth via an unsuspecting waitress.

Join us at Lucky Jacks Bar on February 19th, at 7pm.

Love Drunk Series 13

Two new short plays I have written will be part of Love Drunk Series 13 on Nov 19th at the Drama League. I chose to vintage photos and wrote a piece corresponding to each photo.  Poison and Wine is about two women grieving the death of the man they love. Ariathne is about a young woman trying to learn how to grieve the death of her mother that she never really knew.




A short play I have written about two people, Elliot and Max, who were the perfect match for each other. They fell for one another quickly, but they met at the wrong time.  The play plays with the idea of memory and how people effect our thoughts and actions. It asks the question: wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all got the opportunity to say all the things we ever wanted to say to a person that impacted us? We all have that person that ruined us, and though a lot of time has passed, Elliot is still grappling with the impression Max had left on him. In an effort to stop all the “what ifs” bouncing in his head, Elliot has created a circumstance in order to tell Max everything he wished he could have told her. An Almost will be performed as part of the Thespis Festival in September 2016.

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I met Anastasia Rutkowski in a Chekhov workshop where we performed the Three Sisters fire scene together. Bonding over our Massachusetts roots, and our writing and devising backgrounds, we decided to team up in the creative process and experimentation of seeing what would happen to these complex characters if taken to a different place and time in history. After a three hour coffee date Steel Birds was born and the concept of taking the three sisters out of provincial Russia and on to an estate, near a naval base in Oahu, Hawaii in 1939.  Less than nine months after that we were in rehearsals for the plays premier as EstroGenius Festival's main stage production.  The process from start to finish had been a whirlwind of an adventure and I can't wait to see where the play goes next. Thus Steel Birds became my first completed and performed play and I hope that this is the beginning of an ongoing creative partnership with Anastasia. 

Steel Birds has been nominated for two New York Innovative Theatre Awards this year; Outstanding Premiere Production of a Play and Outstanding Original Full-Length Script.