Read about IVP's In Their Footsteps: A Play About the Women Who Served in the Vietnam War

Alison Preece of OnStage Blog about Infinite Variety's Productions' In Their Footsteps.

"Some were nurses; some were trained military; some were volunteers. They all went to Vietnam to serve their countries, and were shocked to find themselves in the middle of a war like none they’d ever heard of. They were expecting conditions comparable to the Korean War, where the battles had designated areas and the base was protected. The Viet Cong employed guerilla-style tactics, and no area was off limits to attack.

As a result, even women who volunteered with the Red Cross as part of its Supplemental Recreational Activities Overseas (S.R.A.O) program, expecting to see zero combat, found themselves in danger zones."

Leanard Jacobs writes about In Their Footsteps in the Clyde Fitch Report.

"Thousands of young American women were sent to Vietnam — at least 7,500, according to one source. Whatever the total number was, if you don’t think we talk enough about their stories, then In Their Footsteps is a play you want to know about."